Bear Awareness Training Online

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This Bear Awareness Training Online program teaches in-depth information for individuals who find themselves working, camping, hunting, or travelling in bear country. The information in this course will help you become more aware of your surroundings and prepare you for situations where bears may pose a safety hazard to you or others.

Bear Awareness Training Online

This Bear Awareness Training Online program also reviews the general characteristics and habits of bears and how to react to both defensive and non-defensive attacks.

With this Bear Awareness Training Online program, you will learn:

  • The General Characteristics of Bears
  • The Difference Between Black Bears and Grizzly Bears
  • Awareness of Bear Country Activities
  • Avoiding Bear Confrontations
  • Bear Food Sources
  • Hunting, Camping, and Travelling Safely in Bear Country
  • How to Store Your Food
  • Recognizing and Reacting to Defensive and Non-defensive Attacks
  • When and How to Play Dead
  • Using and Handling Bear Spray

Bear Characteristics

Bears have flexible lips and a long, agile tongue that helps them to gather tiny food items such as blueberries and ants.

Bears have been known to return to a site after it has been live-trapped and moved more than 200 km away.

Bears may wake up from winter hibernation and wander around for short periods of time.

Bears are small when born, weighing slightly more than 225 g (0.225 kg) compared to its mother’s weight of 70 kg.

Bears appear awkward but can run at speeds of up to 55 km/hour.

Bears are bulky and thick-skinned. They are approx. 150 cm long with a shoulder height of approx. 100 cm to 120 cm. An adult black bear has a moderate size shaped head with rounded ears and small eyes. The tail is very short and hard to see.

Bears have feet with 5 curved claws, which are used for digging and tearing out stumps, roots, and old logs to search for their food.

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