Train the Trainer Certification Online

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This Train the Trainer Certification Online program is designed for new and experienced trainers who want to improve their instructional techniques. If you are a manager, supervisor or health and safety professional that is required to deliver in-house training, this online program will assist you in developing your presentation and communication skills to become a more effective trainer.

Train the Trainer Certification Online

Proper presentation skills are essential for anyone who engages in the training and instructing of others, regardless of business type or industry. This program will cover the main components of how to become an effective trainer.

Note that this course assumes that you have proficiency in the subject matter you will be teaching. The objective of this course is to provide you with the skills to convey that proficiency so that your learners will be proficient as well.

With this Train the Trainer Certification Online course, you will learn:

  • Principles of Adult Learning
  • The Three Main Learning Styles of Any Audience
  • Tools to Encourage and Maintain a Desire to Learn
  • Different Techniques for Preparing and Delivering Your Presentation
  • Overcoming Nervousness
  • How to Establish Trust, Friendship, and Credibility with Your Audience
  • Different Techniques for Effective Communication
  • How to Handle Difficult Learners
  • Instructional Methods and Audio/Visual Aids
  • Training Evaluations

The Benefits of Taking a Train the Trainer Course Online


With no classroom time required, it is easier to fit your training around your workday commitments. By using less time away from work you will increase your workplace productivity.


You can take this program from home or office or anywhere in the world. There are no more travel-related headaches.


You can immediately put into practice your new presentation skills and receive valuable feedback from your learners.


Save money on any travel and related costs. Online learning is an ideal solution when you have budget or travel restrictions, and best of all, it’s on your schedule!


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Train the Trainer Online Course
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