Telehandler Training Online

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1h 15m

This Telehandler Online Training course teaches the required skills to operate a Telehandler. You will learn proper machine control, how to identify the telehandler functions and components, how to handle loads safely, travel requirements and much more.

Telehandler Training Online

This Telehandler Online Training course teaches the required theory to operate a Class 7 Telehandler (Telescopic Handler). This program is designed for telehandler operators to learn how to safely operate the machine.

This Telehandler Online Training course will teach you:

  • Operator Manual Importance
  • Legislative Requirements
  • Pre-operation Inspections
  • Safety Symbols
  • Machine and Site Hazards
  • Site Inspections
  • Maintenance
  • Machine Components
  • Controls, Braking, and Safeguards
  • Load Capacities
  • Load Charts
  • Balance and Stability Principles
  • Steering
  • Safe Travelling
  • Loading and Unloading
  • Lifting Techniques
  • Refueling
  • Parking
  • Machine Shut Down

Telehandler: Top 10 Safety Tips

  1. Ensure you are properly trained with both theory and practical training on the telehandler. You must also read the operator manual and safety symbols for the machine you are operating. Also, be aware of all safety devices and machine controls before operating the telehandler.
  2. Ensure you understand and follow your employers’ safety rules and regulations. You must also be aware of your Provincial worksite regulations that apply to the safe operation of the telehandler before operating this machine.
  3. You must perform a pre-operation inspection and safety tests before operating the telehandler on each shift. If you see something wrong, do not operate and advise your supervisor. The machine may need to be serviced by a qualified person.
  4. A workplace hazard assessment must be done before operating a telehandler. A safety plan must be completed to acknowledge any potential hazards such as dangerous, unstable surfaces, overhead hazards, or any other potential hazards.
  5. Never operate a telehandler if there is no load capacity chart. This chart must match the machine and any attachment you are using. This chart should be visible when you are sitting in the operator's seat.
  6. You must fully understand the load you are required to pick up and move and ensure that it does not exceed the machine’s maximum capacity according to the load chart. Make sure that the load is secure and that you are following proper load-handling techniques.
  7. You must always wear your seatbelt when operating the telehandler and make sure the seats position and mirrors are setup correctly for you.
  8. Ensure that the combined centre of gravity of the telehandler and the load you are moving always stay within the stability triangle.
  9. Keep the boom and load as low as possible while travelling. Keep a safe speed that allows proper control of the machine and load at all times.
  10. If the telehandler tips over, do not jump from the machine. Stay in the cab with your seatbelt secure, and brace for impact while leaning away from the point of impact.

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