Skid Steer Operator Online Training

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This Skid Steer Operator Online Training course will teach operators a range of topics to ensure safe and efficient operation of skid steer equipment.  Safety procedures, skid steer components, operating techniques, attachment and accessories, load handling and material transport, maintenance and inspection, emergency procedures, operator responsibilities and more are covered in this skid steer operator online training course.

Skid Steer Operator Online Training - Standards:

This skid steer course is designed to meet the compliance standards for theory training as required in:

  • CSA B335
  • SAE J1388-2013
  • 29 CFR 1926.20 and 21
  • OSHA 1910.178

This Skid Steer Operator Online Training course will teach you:

  • Becoming a safe operator
  • Responsibilities and regulations
  • Using attachments, safety devices, and components
  • Common worksite hazards
  • Walk-around inspections
  • Machine setup and start up
  • Load handling and travel
  • Bucket loading
  • Material levelling
  • Avoiding tip-over hazards
  • Shutdown and parking procedures
  • General skid steer maintenance

Operating a skid steer safely is crucial to prevent accidents and injuries. Here are the top 15 safety tips to keep in mind when operating a skid steer:

  1. Training and Certification:
    • Ensure that you have received proper training and certification for skid steer operation from a reputable source.
  2. Pre-Operational Inspection
    • Before starting work, conduct a thorough inspection of the skid steer, checking for any damage, loose parts, or fluid leaks. Address any issues promptly.
  3. Wear Appropriate PPE:
    • Always wear the required personal protective equipment (PPE), which may include a hard hat, safety glasses, ear protection, gloves, and steel-toed boots.
  4. Familiarize Yourself with Controls:
    • Know the location and function of all controls, including the joystick, pedals, and instrument panel, to operate the machine effectively.
  5. Seatbelt Usage:
    • Always wear your seatbelt while operating the skid steer to prevent ejection in case of sudden stops or rollovers.
  6. Maintain Stability:
    • Keep the skid steer's center of gravity low and maintain stability by avoiding abrupt movements, especially when carrying heavy loads
  7. Keep Hands and Feet Inside:
    • Keep your hands and feet inside the operator's compartment at all times to prevent them from getting caught or injured.
  8. Maintain Clear Visibility:
    • Ensure good visibility by keeping the cab clean and free of debris. Use mirrors and the rearview camera (if available) to monitor your surroundings.
  9. Be Aware of Surroundings:
    • Always be aware of your surroundings, including other workers, equipment, and obstacles. Use horns or alarms to alert others when necessary.
  10. Safe Exiting:
    • Shut down the skid steer before exiting the operator's compartment. Never jump in or out of the cab while the machine is in operation.
  11. Plan and Communicate:
    • Plan your work tasks in advance and communicate with co-workers to avoid collisions or accidents. Maintain clear communication using hand signals or radios.
  12. Avoid Slopes and Trenches:
    • Be cautious when working on slopes or near trenches. Follow guidelines for safe operation on inclines and maintain stability.:
  13. Rollover Protection (ROPS):
    • If your skid steer is equipped with Rollover Protection Structures (ROPS), ensure it is in good condition and always use it when operating on uneven terrain.
  14. 14. Respect Load Capacity:
    • Familiarize yourself with emergency shutdown procedures and know how to respond to equipment malfunctions or accidents.
  15. Emergency Procedures:
    • Familiarize yourself with emergency shutdown procedures and know how to respond to equipment malfunctions or accidents.

Remember that these safety tips are essential guidelines, but it's crucial to follow specific safety instructions provided in the skid steer's operation and maintenance manual and receive proper training from a certified instructor to ensure safe operation in your specific environment. Always prioritize safety when operating heavy equipment like skid steers.

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